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Meet Ahmed and Dareen

Picture a family with four children that includes two school-aged, a three year old with significant special medical needs, and an infant. Already, you know these parents have their hands full. Now imagine this is your family. You are managing … Read More


Meet Tracy

As a water safety instructor for the city of Charlottesville, Tracy describes learning to swim as an important life skill – knowing what to do and how not to panic if you find yourself under water. So it was when … Read More


Meet Ana

If love and sheer force of will can work miracles, that has certainly been the case for Ana and Anita. When we met Ana, she was a single mother to her daughter Anita. Her baby had been born too early … Read More

Meet Maggie

“I remember when I had Cali, I just held her and cried over her the whole first night telling her, ‘I don’t know what I’m doing or how I’m going to do this, but we’ll make it work,’ and we … Read More

Meet Lao and Sai Leng

As refugees from Myanmar, Lao and Sai Leng had already overcome extraordinary obstacles fleeing hunger and civil war in their home country. Their journey to the U.S. was years long and dramatic, including detention and separation just as their young … Read More

Meet Shawntaia, 2017 Imagine Award Honoree

Meet Shawntaia

Shawntaia was born to a teen mother, and her father was incarcerated for most of her life. She spent time in foster care and group homes, experiencing a difficult childhood and significant trauma. When she first became pregnant, she was … Read More


Meet George and Stephanie

When George and Stephanie were expecting their first baby, they were naturally nervous and excited. But baby Georgie was born too soon. He arrived at 32 weeks, weighing a mere 2 pounds, 7 ounces. He had multiple medical complications and … Read More


Meet Cynthia

Graduating from high school is a significant milestone — one that can make all the difference in future education, employment, and income opportunities — but for Cynthia, graduation was more than just a stepping stone. It was a monument to … Read More


Meet Anabel

Anabel grew up in Honduras. She had finished school, but then found herself with no job opportunities and little hope. Like many before her, she took a chance on the American dream. Her mother and siblings were already here, so … Read More

Meet Damonia and Trent

2015 Imagine Award honorees Damonia and Trent Lee. Trent and Damonia were childhood friends and high school sweethearts. In addition to shared childhood memories, they had something else in common: both were born to teen parents. Trent’s father and Damonia’s mother … Read More